All of the links on this page are friends of mine and/or companies that I want to share my support for! Chef Frank Giglio - obvious one here. :-) My husband is an incredible chef. He is an inspiration to many when working his magic in the kitchen. He knocks my socks off (as well as tons of other people) constantly with amazing culinary creations and impresses with his presentation!

Three Lily Farm - my hubby and I run and own together. We are a young family living in the Midcoast Maine area. In 2012, we purchased an off-grid solar-powered home on 26 acres. With a passion for good food high in nutrition and living sustainably – Camille and Frank are here to share stories, recipes, and random bits and pieces about their daily life – bringing up their son Wilder, growing more and more of their own food, raising animals, working closely with the forest and the land around them, and becoming more in tune with the earth/moon rhythms.

Ali Schueler ~ Gaia Scouts - my dear friend Ali's wonderful website! She shares so many powerful and important messages for women of all ages. Learn some amazing tips and tools to respect your own female body and the women around you in an empowering way. She can even work one on one with you to step into the highest self possible of being a woman. If you are a female living on the planet today, it's an absolute necessity to hear her messages. 

Gabrielle Brick - the lovely Gabrielle shares sassy and spiciness on her website, while giving people the opportunity to make major life upgrades to their being. She is an excellent coach and can help you direct your life to having a sexy and empowered life, through the understanding of self love, holistic nutrition, and the power of your mind.

Celeste Morris

Kara Maria Ananda

Daniel Vitalis