My Story

It seems there have been hundreds if not thousands of little tiny experiences that have shaped my journey so far. And they have all led me here.

As a sun sign ruled by venus, I have always found myself attracted to beautiful things, creative projects, delicious and also visually pleasing food, places on the planet that are filled with absolute beauty, and music, always music. 

I have been blessed beyond belief with two amazing people who raised me to think for myself and always keep learning, seeking, growing. I absolutely love living my life with complete intention and the dedication to love, gratitude, and awareness. 

After a few years training in musical theater in NYC, I soon realized that music and dance for me was about creativity, and not as much about the industry and competition. I found a job at a health conscious restaurant and juice bar in NYC, and started to explore my fascination with plants, healing and a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Through working at this juice bar and restaurant, synchronistic experiences led to a job working for a leader in the health movement. I hit the road and got to experience life in multiple parts of the country and world, living in California and Hawaii. Throughout my travels, I was fortunate to spend time on 2 chunks of land - one in Ontario, Canada and one in Kauai, Hawaii. At both of these locations I was part of the land planning and planting of herbs, fruit and nut trees, flowers, etc. I also helped to establish bee hives and a honey production at the Hawaii farm. These experiences fueled my desire to live closer the land and someday create a homestead of my own. 

Love and creating family brought me back to the east coast to New Hampshire and then to my home state of Maine. Over the years, I have furthered my passions for growing herbs, sourcing food locally, creating beauty products, living closer to the earth, homesteading, conscientious parenting, unschooling, the list goes on and on.

Wilder Sage came to join us in the world in the spring of 2011. He is the most incredible teacher! It's amazing to see what children absorb and how much the way we interact with them shapes them. I absolutely love growing and learning with my little beings and being thoroughly entertained through the process. My sweet Sunny Alder was born spring 2016 and has been such a blast to watch this fireball join the family. 

Things I Love

Playing & learning outside with my kiddos

Making fairy abodes in our woods

Exploring the land around us, it seems it is never ending

Basking in the sunshine and dips in the spring fed pond

Learning & growing as a parent, constantly

Being pregnant and having a growing belly

Sharing my love for sustainable living

Cultivating and growing more and more unique plants indoors and outdoors

Harvesting herbal, garden, and orchard abundance from around the land

Snuggling my love bugs and reading fairytales together

Setting up sacred spaces in my home

Always plenty of chocolate

Berries and whipped cream galore all summer long

Discovering new plant wisdom

Nurturing the animal life that's all around me

Making music and sharing it with the world

Crafting something new and different at least every week

Connecting with like minded women and mamas

Experiencing the world of life school through the eyes of my children


Camille’s Bio

Camille has a passion for igniting change in peoples lives globally. She was raised in an alternative household focused on healthy eating, spirituality, and unconventional schooling. Following graduation of high school, she left for NYC and studied Musical Theater at AMDA. At the age of 20, she leaped into a new dietary and lifestyle shift, making profound changes overnight. Camille would go on to spend over 8 years traveling and working with various leaders in the health industry, helping to grow their companies. She has put on countless workshops and sold-out retreats all over the US. She is the CEO of the highly successful online art school The Perrin Method, which she co-created with her father Dennis, a master painter.

Camille loves teaching about radical self care through sharing her love for pure organic beauty products. She draws inspiration from being in the sunshine, designing her garden plans, having hands and feet in the soil, organizing retreats, playing her cello, dancing, and experiencing the beautiful oceans of Maine. She resides on an off grid property with her two wild sons in Midcoast Maine.