Almost Winter


Greetings all! This post I just wanted to share some fun pictures I took yesterday while playing outside with Wilder. Wilder is just on the brink of speaking words I understand back to me, and I usually am able to understand his mix of signing and sounds he makes. However, he definitely understands almost everything I say to him.

Yesterday I was ready to take a work break and go outside. I asked Wilder, "Do you want to outside?" He raced from the living room to the front door where his boots are, got his boots ready and then held his arms out for me to help him into his boots. So we got dressed for the cold weather and went outside to play. Here are some pics I took while out there, hope you enjoy!


Wilder ready to go!


Gathering up fire kindling in his mini-wheelbarrow


Jaz chowing the remaining small carrots that were left after the carrot harvest


What's left of our winter kale after the deer came to visit


Beautiful raised bed built by Franky loaded with manure before the winter


I am in love with this gorgeous pond reflection these days. So grateful for this pond!


Another view of the pond


Lavender plant still producing in the cold!


Doe tracks in the garden


Last one. From this morning