Attachment Parenting: Babywearing

I wrote this piece in my last post on a similar subject: Attachment Parenting. To me, this is one of those terms I sometimes forget exists because it just comes so naturally. I was blessed to be raised with "attachment parenting" and the Continuum Concept in mind. I suppose for me and us - Attachment Parenting isn't so much a choice as it is the way we are.

It's always interesting to me how people need a label to put on their system of doing things. Especially when it's one that was created by a male doctor! Personally in my path, I follow my intuition and sometimes advice of close friends or family members. Mostly it's my own intuition with just about everything I've put in my body to the way we raise Wilder.

As I'm sitting here writing this, my little nursling is falling asleep while nursing. One of the sweetest mommy experiences by far.

So many people have always commented on how calm and quiet of a child Wilder is. Don't get me wrong - he's loud and excited most of the time, but upset or crying - not so frequent. Even more so as a baby. He was rarely ever colicky, didn't cry much at home or out in public. Not to say he never cried, but definitely a lot less than the average baby. I feel a lot of this had to do with having a wonderful birth at home, the food I eat, and being breastfed. But, it also had to do with how much Wilder was held and worn.

Whenever we were out in public, Wilder was either being held or worn in our Ergo baby carrier. Being close to his mama and sometimes papa, made him feel safe and comforted even in new places or environments. I honestly haven't tried many other baby carriers. The Ergo came highly recommended to me and it has been miraculous the entire time we've had it. Best baby shower gift ever!!

We have even taken Wilder out into the evening hours and he just sleeps on his mama, so cozy and warm.

I have heard numerous times that babywearing babies learn earlier. For example, always seeing what the mother or father is doing and hearing their voice close to them. Even before a baby is talking or make word-like sounds they are at voice and eye level to the parent and learns to be a part of a conversation and listen early on – when worn in a sling.

There are numerous benefits of a baby and child being worn close to a parent. More to read from Dr. Sears here:

Wilder also enjoys being worn by his godparents!

I love this:

The womb lasts 18 months. 9 months inside the mother, 9 months outside the mother! Even though Wilder started his independent mobile self around 5 months, scooting and crawling around, he was still worn and took most of his naps on me until around 1 year old.

I love this image of babywearing mamas around the world. It's been floating around the networks recently. Babies have always been worn by their mamas throughout time and it provides such a strong mother-baby bond that very little else can compare to.

Wilder was and is also worn a lot by his papa. I personally feel this has created a very special father-son bond that I am loving watching continue to blossom every day.

In the early days, it seemed like Wilder nursed and slept non-stop. We quickly figured out that he immediately woke up if he was laid down to sleep by himself. Whenever I wore him to nap, he'd sleep at least an hour, sometimes 3! If I hadn't been wearing him almost continuously, neither me or Franky would have ever gotten anything done or been able to work!

I wear Wilder a lot less nowadays as he's a hefty 28 lbs now. I love wearing him for walks outside and around the house as long as I stay moving. He even still falls nurses to sleep in the Ergo every so often.

More to come soon, with love

Please share your thoughts below! Are you a fan of babywearing? Have you seen it make a difference in your life? We want to hear from you!