Bring on the Sunshine

I’ve gotten a slew of questions lately about sun protection and how do I monitor how much sun my kids are getting. We need the sunshine people!! Like literally need it to live. Just like all of the living things on this planet. 

The problem is that people are mostly existing indoors, so when they go outside, it’s easy to burn right away. People aren’t getting enough of the natural built in tan from being outside. My whole life people made fun of me for being pale, and you know what I spent most of my life indoors and blamed it on my heritage. When I started consciously adding more sunshine in my daily life, the more tan I get, and never burn.

Our skin getting ever so slightly pink is our body’s warning sign to get in the shade. The more pigment we build up in our skin, the more we will just tan more and not burn. Since we live in the north and winters are long, in the spring we start slow and get sunshine on our bodies a little more each day. Since that started back in April we can now be outside all day with no burning, on any of us. 

Sun through windows and through sunscreen is not balanced, and is more likely to damage your skin than even mild burns. We need the FULL spectrum sunlight, it’s what we are designed for. Filtered sunlight through trees is also great for our bodies.

One more tip! Don’t shower right after being in the sun. You can wash away the sebum on your skin’s surface that is needed to make vitamin D in our bodies. It’s best to cold shower or plunge in cold water, without soap, for 24 hours so your body can fully process the D.