Toothbrushes - What’s a girl to do?

Well, the one thing I knew from the start of trying out the CariPro… I just wish I had gotten it sooner! I have tested all of the 5 setting options out, many times. Each one feels so incredibly refreshing and good, and I have to say the “whitening” setting is by far my favorite. You know that feeling when you’ve been to the dentist or dental hygienist rather, and your teeth have gotten scrubbed, everything feels so polished, fresh, and clean? Well that’s what this feels like, every single time you use it. Literally every time!

Along with whitening which is basically a speedy polishing process, you can choose clean - which gives you great cleaning results, gum care - timed gum care and stimulation, massage - gentle stimulation, and sensitive - the option for anyone with sensitive gums.

I personally have a spot on my gum line, where my gums have receded just a bit - I’ve been using the gum setting on this spot, and I’m very hopeful about it! Since my teeth have been feeling so polished and so clean every time brush, I’m guessing my gums are going to be happier as well.

I have previously had a history with dental challenges in my life, due to dietary choices and food staining, and for the first time in a long time, none of it has bothered me lately. My gums are happy, none of my teeth have been feeling sensitive, and my teeth are looking more white by the day. If this is only after 4 weeks of use, I can hardly wait to see what they’ll look like in 12 months!

It must be said as well, that quality rechargeable devices are such a bonus these days. So often you choose rechargeable and the device comes and feels cheap, doesn’t charge again well, loses it’s power quickly, the charger is clunky, the list goes on. The CariPro not only is very smooth to charge, it kept it’s charge for well over a week. I could have kept going likely, but I came back from a trip and plugged it in. It was still going strong after a week on the road and no recharging during that time. It’s such a good sign when something works well mechanically like this, and lives up to it’s product expectations.

I’ve owned a handful of other electric toothbrush designs, but none of them have stuck with me. Either they didn’t hold the charge well, or honestly just hurt my mouth, or even required batteries to power. 

Overall this product gets a mega high five from me! Very well made and works so damn well. Again, I only wish I had this toothbrush in my hands 10 years ago, but I am so happy I have it now, and it’s doing so many amazing things for my teeth!

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