DIY Hair Gel & Volumizer

Hey folks!

Looking for the volume that you get from mid-summer sun and pond hair? Well, I have been... It's that flat static wintery hair that I don't so much enjoy, but it motivates me to look for answers in the hair department... Lately I've been playing around with 2 options - a homemade hair gel, and a homemade sea salt spray.

As for the gel, I am finding that it adds the most incredible amount of bounce and volume, that I literally have never found in any hair product ever. About a dime size in the palm of my hair, then massaged into my hair, gives it the exact volume I'm looking for. I have straight, thinnish, flatish hair, which I love and have been loving more since being my natural hair color.

Since cutting my long hair, I've sported a layered more funky hair style with bangs, which has been really fun. But when you're the type of gal who wants to wake up cute, or go a few days without washing and styling, then you need a plan. I am not the type of person to wash my hair every morning along with blow dry and style, it's just never going to be that way. In my opinion, hair is damaged quickly when blow dried often. Not to mention the addition of product in the hair, heating up the hair follicles just makes your hair absorb whatever less than optimal ingredients that are in the product. Even health food store brands of hair product are laden with scary ingredients. Here's an example that I found of a "Natural Hair Gel" product:

Now there do appear to be some actual plant matter ingredients, so that is great. However the sodium benzoate, rice protein, potassium sorbate, gluconolactone, etc... That's where it gets into sketchy territory, for me. If I need to google side effects of an ingredient in something I want to use on my body, I will just avoid using it. Generally, as a rule, if I can't eat something I'm putting on my body, I'm just not going to put it on my body. 

My personal preference is washing my hair with shampoo around once or twice a week (with Living Libations shampoo), skip the conditioner and let hair dry. I towel dry my hair to get most of the moisture out, add a bit of my homemade gel, then when it's nearly dry, I'll twist up in a bun. If I leave that in for say an hour or so, the results are freaking fab! Voluptuous bounce and volume.

Here's the recipe for the hair gel: 

1/4 teaspoon hot water soluble Gelatin (I like the Great Lakes one here)

1/4 cup of hot water

3 drops essential oil of choice (I used Vanilla from Living Libations)

15 drops vitamin E oil

Mix gelatin in the hot water, stir until dissolved. Once it's lukewarm or room temperature, pour into whatever container you desire, and add essential oils. Put in a cold area - fridge or freezer - for a few minutes to solidify. Your results will be a thick gelatinous consistency that has molded to the container it's in. 

I take a little dab of this gelatin mixture and rub between my fingers and then add to my damp hair. I've used it plenty of times on dry hair and it works quite well there. If you are looking for something to hold hair, keep a curl etc, you'll want to be generous with how much you use. Keep in mind because there aren't any stabilizers in this mixture, it will go off in about 1 week if left at room temperature. I make a small amount (recipe measurements above) and make sure I use within that time frame. If you want to make a larger batch, just keep the bulk of it in the fridge if you want to make it last a while. 

Let me know if you try out this recipe and how it works with your hair! I am still amazed by the results I get every time I use it. If you're a curly haired beauty, I am curious how it will work with curls, so do report back!