DIY Yummy Skin Butter

Hey friends! I wanted to share this yummy skin moisturizer because as we are deeper and deeper into this winter, I am using it more and more! It's a really simple recipe - easy to make at home. It's more like a body butter than a cream or lotion - for use on any dry skin, hands, feet, cracked skin, those rough patches on the elbows, knees, etc - you get the idea. I probably wouldn't use this one directly on my face unless I had a lot of dry skin there. It's also a great one to leave, ahem, in the bedroom if you catch my drift.

Here's my general recipe:

2 parts shea butter

2 parts jojoba oil

1 part coconut oil

1 part beeswax

1 capsule evening primrose oil

5 drops honeysuckle oil

other yummy essential oils you could use: lavender, pine, rose, yang ylang, jasmine, etc - the list goes on!

I melted the beeswax first since it's takes a bit longer. Always use some sort of double boiler setup. If you let these oils burn, some of them could brown and then go rancid quickly. The goal is to keep them just hot enough to melt and liquify together!

I have a couple of designated bowls/pitchers in my house that are for making creams, butters, candles, etc since sometimes the oily/beeswax residue can be tricky to clean off the inside.

Add the other oils and butters, give it a little time to be liquid all together and melted, give it a stir. Pour into desired container - I used a mini-mason jar, label it and you're good to go!

Anyone try any other successful body butters out there? I want to hear what you've done or what you are planning to try!