Fall is Here

Fall is here! My favorite season. We're about 2 weeks into it, but I just felt inspired by the gorgeous colors this morning. I had to drive into town and the gorgeous views of fall foliage on the drive are just insane. Some of the views actually look like fake backdrops. Just heavenly. Fall also means it's time to start getting ready for winter! For us homesteaders up here in Maine, there are loads of things to do in preparation. Currently, the biggest activity on our hands is preparing wood to keep us warm through the winter. Luckily we have a big strong man who does all of this preparing. He has been hard at work chainsawing, chopping, stacking, and carrying logs in order to get us situated.

Diapers! I actually need to invest in several more sets of cloth diapers in order to get us ready for fall and winter. We use the GroVia system which has proven to be the most awesome. Wilder grew out of his last set of cloth diapers in the spring and we were able to use GroVia diapers over the summer, but he was mostly in the nude so we didn't need very many. Now that it is getting colder out, he has clothes on most of the time and thus diapers!

Throughout Wilder's life so far we have tried a few different systems for cloth diapers, and we have always gone back to the GroVia system. Since Wilder is a very active little guy, he hasn't "laid down" for a diaper change since about 8 or 9 months old, he'll only stand. So we were challenged with also finding something that can easily be put on while standing or even walking around.

Another task on the list for me is taking the herbs that have been hanging to dry and putting them away. They will mostly all be used for making teas during the winter. Peppermint, red raspberry leaf, comfrey, st. john's wort, and a few others. I also have several tinctures that are ready to harvest now, so I'll post a picture of those soon!

More to come soon, be well and have a fun-filled day!

This picture was taken in our backyard today :-)