F*ck the pre baby body mentality

Someone asked in a comment yesterday - How did you get your pre-baby body back? Also, I have noticed that this is a seriously heavily searched term on google! Everyone is always talking about how to get your body back after a baby or babies, and it’s GOT TO STOP.

There is no going back y’all. Like in life for anything ever. There is only ever moving forward.


My body is 100% different from before babies to afterwards. My skin is different, my boobs are legit night and day, after my first baby and then after another baby too. My muscle tone is different than it was in my 20s.

My body is completely different depending on how I’m treating myself, how much stress I have in my life, how happy I am in my life, what foods I’m eating, the list goes on and on.

The point is. I say fuck the “get your body back” after baby mentality. There is only forward.

Once you accept that and start moving forward in your epic new powerhouse body (because you literally created and birthed a human) then you will start to feel good and strong and sexy.