Functional Crafting?


Hey all! The summer is such a glorious one over here in Maine. We are feeling super blessed to be living where we are! Between the incredible bounty of food, fun community interactions, and the gorgeous summer weather we are feeling bathed in the blissfulness of our location.

A few of my friends are into something called "functional fitness". Meaning a way of keeping shape that uses actual muscles in a sort of preparation of real-life situations. Instead of working out in a gym with weights, treadmills, and machines - people who follow this training concept use muscles that work together for moves one might use in real life instead of isolated muscle exercises. There's more to that, but you get the idea.

My friends Ali and Daniel have been using an obstacle course for training and functional fitness sort of falls right into that program. My hubby Franky does functional fitness on a daily basis, more by default of all of the physical labor he performs, rather than specific training methods.

Ok so, all of this is leading me to a point, I promise. For me fitness isn't a total priority in my life at the moment, although I would like to have time for more. At the moment, most of my exercise comes from walking around with Wilder, holding him for long periods of time (great alternative to bicep curls!), picking him up regularly and sometimes repeatedly (throwing him up in the air, swinging him around for a few laughs), harvesting wild food (sometimes you have to be really limber to reach those hidden blackberries or climb to reach the tall elderberries), and bouncing or stretching on my yoga ball while working.

My latest and greatest new idea I am actioning is "functional crafting". I've been on a knitting trip lately, and it is feeling inspiring to be able to create something I or someone else can wear. Kind of an old fashioned idea, but one of those "rewilding" moments.

I was one of those kids when growing up who just wanted to play "arts and crafts". I was a homeschooling child, so I had a lot of liberty to be creative and artistic. If there was ever a time when I had a choice of whether to do schoolwork or arts and crafts - I always chose crafts. I'm really looking forward to Wilder being of the age where we can play arts and crafts together and he can choose it for homeschooling time (or unschooling time rather).

So why not use this fun passion of mine and create functional items to "rewild our wardrobe"? Might as well! I've been working on some fun knitting projects, and I'm excited to explore sewing ones as well. I plan on getting my sewing machine up and running and will hopefully be able to action some exciting items.

So my advice to you is.... Find something that makes you feel creative. Whether it be art with food, knitting, painting, dancing, sewing, writing, or gardening. Reclaim your creativity and perhaps you will find a way to make it functional too!


Knitting a cowl/fluffy neck-warmer for a friend here :-)