Goddess Diaries: Brooke Hampton

The most wonderful thing about running a series of interviews on my website, is the fact that I get to ask my incredibly inspiring friends to share about their life. Brooke and I met through the virtual world, and I think we both knew we had a special connection. Kindred spirits don't come along all the time! With similar parenting views, and views about the world, we connected more and more and kept in touch. Though we met originally in Canada, we really bonded when she flew out to help me out in the days after giving birth to my sweet Sunny. 

Brooke is an inspiring woman on so many levels. As someone who is so completely herself in this world, encouraging others to do the same, and teaching her children how to be themselves, there is much to learn from this beautiful being. I present to you, Brooke Hampton!


How would you describe your lifestyle?

It's mine. This lifestyle is unique to me. It's colorful, authentic, nature inspired, chocolate filled and always a little bit chaotic and I love it all. My lifestyle was created out of a desire to escape the ordinary. I maintain this lifestyle by daily make a choice to follow my heart song, even if the route I feel called to follow has never been walked before and scares the shit out of me. 

What motivates you the most to be living the lifestyle you live?

I am motivated and driven by a desire to fully live while I am alive. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

Oh, it's everywhere. Inspiration is in stillness, in laughter...it's in the waxing moon and in the sound of rain on a sleepy Sunday. It's in wild water, adventure and in late night conversations with people I love. There is an endless amount of magic and inspiration in this life, if we look for it. When I finally took off the filters of worry and fear and started intentionally focusing on what I had to be grateful for an abundance of beauty and inspiration suddenly began flowing into my life. 

How do you stay above all of the negativity out there in the world currently?

It's easy. None of it is real and it's all just a massive distraction from what we're really supposed to be doing here. If we get wrapped up in the material world, we begin being played as pawns in this massive game of corruption. Step away. Stay in love. Get out of your head and into your heart and all that bullshit will no longer have power over you. 


What are things you cannot live without in your daily life? (Don't be shy)

Ah, fresh air, clean water, an embarrassing amount of chocolate, a moment of stillness, a sunset or a sunrise, a glimpse of the moon before I go to bed, endless cups of hot tea and to know I did everything within my power to make the world more beautiful than it was when I woke up. 

How do you maintain balance and harmony in your family? I give myself permission to follow my natural rhythms and not be too hard on myself. I try not to place all kinds of expectations on myself and my family and I allow space for things to go differently than I had planned. It's all about that holy flow. 

Tell us something about yourself that you've never shared in the internet world. 

I get physically sick before I press 'go live' every live tea time and I've tried to talk myself out of every single post I've ever posted. I also have this irrational fear of speaking in front of people and I can't shake the feeling that someday the universe will ask me to speak on stage- some part of me knows it's coming and I get nauseated just thinking about it. People told me it would get easier. They were wrong! It didn't get easier, I got stronger. Every time I fight the fear and go ahead anyhow, I empower myself and get one step closer to doing what I came here to do. 

What is lighting a fire under your ass right now?

The knowing that all I have is right now. This is it- this is our time. It's not tomorrow or next year when we're more skilled or more prepared or have a less hectic schedule. It's time to rise in our power and move in our magic. It's time to burn it up! 

Any last words?

Somehow I have had the grace to do this even though I've been afraid and insecure every single step of the way. My voice has touched hearts all over the world and it daily humbles me. I am no one special. I am just an ordinary woman with an extraordinary desire to make a difference. I have no special skills or qualifications. I am a simply a willing vessel and that has always been just enough. If you have something to do, go do it. Don't wait for a better time. The world needs yours gifts and your voice. You are enough right now! 

Brooke Hampton - Barefoot Five

The creator of the 'Holy flow Parenting' style, author of 'Enchanted Cedar' a Waldorf inspired children's book and the founder of the Barefoot Five cyber-tribe. An Earth warrior, raw food lover, organic gardener, book reader, home apothecary/kitchen witch, tea addict, love-maker, wild water huntress, naked moon dancer, sun gazer, herbalist, barefoot mama. 

Find more of Brooke on Instagram as @BarefootFive, Facebook here, and at www.barefootfive.com.