Goddess Diaries: Gina Maria

Today we are hearing from my dear friend Gina! I have known Gina and her family for many years, and have recently reconnected with her after they moved near us in Maine last summer. It's always such a joy to hang with Gina and her family, I've always admired her loving parenting style and her children embody love in a beautiful way.

What motivates you the most to be living the lifestyle you live?

Connection. To my children, my husband, mama earth, other women and to Source.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Always changing, creating peace in the midst of chaos, new adventures, calling in the impossible, finding solace with my bare feet on the earth, sun on my skin and dirt caked into the worn lines of my hands. And all of this revolving around being mama to the four most amazing kids.

Where do you look for inspiration?

In the quiet moments that I steal before the kiddos are out of bed, in the warmth of the shower, in the forest, by the ocean, and when circling with women.

How do you stay above all of the negativity out there in the world currently?

I know that a lot of folks find this irresponsible, but I avoid the news completely and when I scroll social media I move beyond any post that will pull me down. Movies must make me smile, belly laugh or lift me up. Conversations, always supportive or flipping the negative into a life lesson. I head off drama at the door, and try to avoid the gossip. I fully believe that I do more good in the world by avoiding all of this, by being a bit of a pollyanna.  If I can keep my light bright, then I can care for, support, encourage, lift up everyone around me. This is my soul calling. It is my hope that this will be a bit of a ripple into the world, allowing the folks that are called to be more outwardly active to do so in a way that brings light, instead of fighting with more negativity.

What are things you cannot live without in your daily life? (Don't be shy)

Over and over again I try to live without coffee, alas, here I sit at 6am on a quiet sunday morning, listening to the birds chirp, sipping a mug of joe. Hugs, cuddles, snuggles. Sunshine. Laughing, I often resort to acting ridiculous for my kids, just so I can get out a good belly laugh. A good, get-it-all-out conversation with someone close to me.

How do you maintain balance and harmony in your family?

You know that I have four kids, right? Balance? Harmony? Hahaha.
It was a lot easier before the teenage years began to set in. Part of the balance and harmony has been letting go of the ideals that we set when they were little. Allowing them to feel the pieces of mainstream that they need to feel, to experience, without taking it as a personal fail, and to balance that out with the parts that I'm not willing to compromise.
It's a big part of the reason that we moved up to Maine, where we could come back to the land, to live on property that has so much to explore and create, to live a lifestyle that we used to live effortlessly when they were little, wherever we were.

Tell us something about yourself that you've never shared in the internet world. Feel free to be daring and show yourself.

I second guess myself all of the time.  I know what I want, call it in, but that self-confidence piece holds me back in so many ways, especially when it comes to reaching out to people individually. That's one of my biggest fears and something that I want to conquer more than anything. 

What is lighting a fire under your _____ right now?

Setting up my homestead as a grounded, beautiful, abundant, playful home for my family and a sanctuary for women to gather. A dream that I have had for ages and is finally coming into full manifestation.

Any last words?

The best gift that you can give to this world and your family is to be you, fully, unapologetically, vulnerably, in the most authentic version that you know. And then go beyond that.  The world needs you. We need you to follow your passion, to be you from the depths of your heart.  

Meet Gina:

Gina Maria, Soul Coach, living in the magic of the universe, thriving on embracing the impossible.
Mama of four for the last 15 years and currently creating our family homestead in Maine.

I connect women with their dreams, taking them out of the future, and bringing them into the now. Because you've waited long enough, you've put your dreams on hold, always pushing them in to tomorrow. Because you are ready to live it today, to feel alive again, to feel your joy, your untapped potential. Because you are ready to live in all of the magic that the universe has to offer. I am beyond excited to finally release the program that I have been writing for the last year.

Becoming You is a community for women to support you in knowing that you can. A whole life make-over where you release the expectations, the judgements and the walls that have been created for you over generations. It is designed for you to truly honor who you are, what you love, how to live in it now, and how to bring in more of what you desire.

Our official launch is the Summer Solstice 2017, until then enjoy a special offer only for original members. http://ginamaria.info/becoming-you/

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