Goddess Diaries: Jessika Le Corre

I am SO excited to be interviewing my good friend Jessika today, of Feather Eagle Sky. You know those people who you meet through the internet but know each other for years and you just know you are kindred spirits? She's one of those goddesses for me. We've been following each other for a few years on Instagram, and I just love everything she's about. Plus she's the creator of her delicious skin care line. For more about her and to visit her shop, visit Feather Eagle Sky

What motivates you the most to be living the lifestyle you live?

My children! Leaving a legacy for them to be guardians and protectors for Mother Earth. 

What motivates you the most to be living the lifestyle you live?

My children! Leaving a legacy for them to be guardians and protectors for Mother Earth. 

How would you describe your lifestyle?

We live in the wild mountains of New Mexico blessed by clean mountain spring water flowing through our land, planting and growing our own food, foraging and gatherings sacred plants. We are the "Natural Movement" family; running jumping climbing moving daily in nature. 
Our lifestyle is an expression of our love for Mother Earth and our practice of movement... strong happy health and free. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

Nature. Nature is the supreme in wisdom. I spend whole days alone meditating praying and singing ancient healing songs. Quietness is key for my inspiration ... taking in all the beauty that surrounds me. My family and beautiful people like you inspire me, people who are living a life connected to Mother Earth. 

How do you stay above all of the negativity out there in the world currently?

I seek beauty. 

What are things you cannot live without in your daily life? (Don't be shy)

Sunshine cold plunging in scared waters laughter real food meditating by my water source every morning, sungazing at sunset, ceremony, snuggling and kissing my children, and making love with my husband. 

How do you maintain balance and harmony in your family?

As I mentioned above I spend lots of time in nature,  taking care of myself with healing potent plant medicines, massage, Acupunture, sauna ... sweating, running, and deep silence. Soaking in natural volcanic hot springs and swimming in the rivers.

Tell us something about yourself that you've never shared in the internet world. Feel free to be daring and show yourself.

I'm very transparent so I share completely my authentic self ... I've been an apprentice of plant medicine for many years. 

What is lighting a fire under your _____ right now?

My books. I have two books coming out soon. So writing poetry and taking magnificent photos in nature is really fueling me at the moment. 

Any last words?

Love is the highest energy. Open your heart let the light shine in, be humble and kind, and share your highest self NOW with everyone ! 

About Jessika:

My journey into the health of the whole (mind body spirit) began as a small girl. Growing up in small mountain village 10,000 ft. I would spend full days playing in the woods, in the trees, on mountains, even my backyard had no borders. I instinctively knew that plants were meant to be used for our well being. I would spend hours mashing wild roses and plants into a pulp and covering myself, making "potions" made from these vibrant colorful plants. I would dig from the rich soil in my yard creating giant holes to fill with water from the hose, where I would then get naked and bathe in the sun, laying out with the mud from the earth all over my body in the form of a mask a rich clay, drying, and then washing off. 

I am passionate about plants, about our relationship with plants,  and a return to the old ways. Our planet provides immense gifts, a bounty of delicious botanicals, clays, salts, oils, herbs, and spices that it is hard for me to understand how we have strayed so far from that to the current trend.

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