Gratitude! What does this word mean to you? To me – it means opening my heart to more than appreciating, but loving what I see and have around me.

I have been keeping a gratitude journal for the past few weeks. What an amazing practice! It is something I have practiced throughout different times in my life, as it is something that my parents shared with me at an early age. I love the reminders we get to bring back practices that we already know.

My friend Michael sent this video out to his email list recently, and it is a great gratitude reminder!

Have a watch...

Another awesome reminder I recently got was from Marie Forleo in one of her recent weekly videos for MarieTV. Here's her video on Gratitude from last week.

Ok, here's the fun part. Thanksgiving!

In my family, we have always gotten together for a big Thanksgiving feast/meal. Everyone brings dishes to share and we have lots of fun. Post-dinner is usually a combination of naps, football, and Boggle (if you don't know this word game, it's pretty damn fun so check it out).

Before we all dig into the food, we always go around the table stating what we are most thankful or grateful for in our lives. I personally think in the past, a lot of people feel pretty "put on the spot" when this event occurs. I know for me, it felt like a lot of pressure to come up with something meaningful or beautiful or clever to say.

This year we tried something new! My mom came up with this game randomly about a week before Thanksgiving and they tried it out at their monthly potluck, which proved to be a really fun experience.

My mom had prepared paper and pencils for everyone. When we all started eating, these were passed around in a basket for everyone to take one. We all were supposed to write what we were grateful for and then the basket came around again to collect what we had written. Then we passed the basket around to read the papers out loud to everyone. This way, everyone would read someone else's gratitude message! The pressure was off, and there was a lot of humor in the messages. There was some guessing as to who's messages were being read, and some were quite obvious.

Highly recommend this game if you are ever in a position to try it out!

And lastly, I leave you with another video. This song is very inspiring to me right now, and the imagery of the video is pretty incredible. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!