A Unique Summer Accessory

Do you remember the days when everyone still wore a watch? When you could check the time and not have your phone right there in your pocket. I vaguely remember those days, but I do remember this very special watch I owned many years ago.

I found this sweet wooden watch at a festival years ago, and wore it until the elastic fell apart on me. I loved that watch to pieces and never found another one I liked enough to replace it. I don’t love wearing non-organic materials on my body, so I just went without.

Until now! Jord Watches is an incredible brand doing amazing things, creating gorgeous eco-wooden watches that aren’t just functional, they are beautiful accessories. I’m so impressed with this watch, I’ve been wearing it daily. The package it came in was nearly just as epic. Opening the package and finding this beautiful wooden box with extra pieces for fixing, an eco oil for keeping the wood shiny and fresh, polishing clothes, and more.

I am all in! It’s rare these days to find companies that you can absolutely get behind and know they are doing great things in the world and making major efforts to bring harmony and not destruction to this beautiful planet of ours.

Another eco-friendly technique that I am always on the lookout for are items that don’t require battery replacements. I am so grossed out by the amount of batteries used in this culture, when we could be using reusable options. Batteries are toxic, most contain mercury, and end up in our landfills. Not to mention tiny batteries are extremely dangerous if they get into the hands of little ones who like putting things in their mouths.

Jord Watches uses a self-winding automatic system, so there’s no batteries needed. If you take care of your watch, it takes care of itself. The pictures of this beauty do not even do it justice. I feel so classy and sexy with this watch on, it’s really a work of art!

Check out this quick video opening the Jord Watch package for the first time!

I am partnering up with Jord Watches so one of you can win a watch! I'm so excited to be offering this EPIC opportunity.

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