Homestead Journals

Well, I wanted to run an experiment and see if I could journal a little bit every day about the progress on the land here and what’s happening. Plus, I have so many projects in the mix these days!


Last week I moved my picnic tables around a little bit, and hung up some solar powered fairy lights to go along with it, and made this quick little birch light stand in the process. I’ve become more handy lately with the drill, having so much fun getting to use it for various projects and get sh*t done! I’m sort of creating a kids zone, plus outdoor eating zone with the tables like this. My kids swings-set desperately needs an upgrade really soon, the logs have been rotting for some time. Hopefully that’ll be coming down the pipe in the month of May! I managed to clean out the play sandbox and made it much more welcoming to my youngest, Sunny (removed the weeds and potential ant piles, any broken toys from years past, etc).

Mostly I’ve been jumping into the garden and getting beds ready for seeds and seedlings. I have purchased most of my seedlings this year, I never got around to planting them back in February, to be honest I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to live just yet! So it’s a mix of direct seed into the ground and some really lovely herb seedlings from Villageside Farm in Freedom, Maine.

Since my focus is now mostly about the Herb Farm and Events Center, I’m creating more abundance of medicinal plants directly in the garden space, where a lot of vegetables used to be. I’ll still be planting some veggies for me, my boys, and any guests to eat, but the focus is on the herbs for sure. This summer I’ll have a couple of retreats here, including a Medicine Making Workshop happening in August. Stay tuned for those details coming real soon!


The garden is looking so fresh and so ready for the plants. I’ve been pulling up grass like a mad woman and I’m starting to understand while people dig into the ground to build barriers around gardens. The grass here is incredibly invasive, and that root system, dang! I’m looking into what plants can be added in rows around the garden, like a ground cover with deep roots to hopefully keep some of the grass at bay. It’s all about the weeding!

It’s definitely easy to get overwhelmed whenever I get out to the garden. I made the funny choice the other day to completely rearrange the rows and make an entire rounded section. it seemed like a brilliant idea at first, but then 15 minutes later I was already regretting that choice. Dirt is heavy yo! Plus the grass combo, and well it’s now becoming a somewhat easier experience. The dirt is moved at least in the form of the path I’m trying to create, and I’ll eventually find the barriers - rocks and logs - to use for this spot.


Other clean up projects lately have included beautifying the outdoor fire pit - the one in the grass used for larger events, starting the process of turning my clothesline into a shade garden near the kids zone - likely going to use beans and/or grapes for this… stay tuned! I don’t have much for shade in the back yard area where mostly everyone hangs out, so I’m using plants to make it happen! I can hardly wait to see how it turns out.

That’s about all I have time to update on right now, I plan on doing this daily! Hope you enjoy following along.

How goes your garden this spring?