Loving my postpartum body

I remember when my friend Kristin sent me these pictures. She had come over when I was just a few days postpartum to capture the magic and she had been at the birth as well.

When I saw this picture, I felt so much body shame I decided I would never share it. In that time I couldn’t see this strong powerful body that had just grown a healthy 9 lb baby boy and birthed at home, surrounded by an incredible birth team. I felt angry at myself and depressed that I hadn’t been “one of those thin pregnant women” whatever that means.


I see her now. It’s 2 years later and I finally this super mom full of milk, that was dripping everywhere, in a solid and full body that birthed another human. A mom that found the strength to reach down and catch a baby while screaming and birthing in a tub of water in our dining room, right about where I’m standing here. A mom that started working again, from bed, 3 days after giving birth. A mom that ate an incredible amount of nourishing foods to get her through the entire experience.


May we all love our postpartum bodies and our new or different bodies after becoming mothers. I finally realized last year I would never want to get any previous body “back”. We literally can never go back.

Why would we want to? We’ve learned so much already. Here’s to always looking forward and always moving forward.