MOON CUP aka Menstruation Cup


Well good, time to shake things up a bit if it does. This here is a moon cup or a menstrual cup. A reusable cup made of silicon for womxn to use who have a period or moon cycle.

There’s TOO MUCH shame and stigma around this topic - through somewhere around 2 billion women are bleeding aka menstruating every single cycle around the moon.

I used to use organic tampons which are a definite upgrade, but honestly having to figure out where to dispose of it (you should never flush these things) and the fact that it’s wrapped in single-use plastic, started to gross me out.

Manufacturers are not required to disclose ingredients in tampons and pads as they are deemed medical devices by the FDA, but y’all wanna talk about some seriously sketchy ingredients up in the hoo ha?

We are talking pesticide residue, known carcinogens, non-biodegradable packaging, synthetic glues (tampon cords), methylene chloride (oh, also found in paint remover), dioxins from bleach, multiple different types of plastics (pads and tampons), odor chemicals, the list actually goes on.

Just want to point out the methylene chloride was decided to be too unsafe to be used in paint removers, but is STILL used in menstrual supplies. 

In addition, disposable menstrual products are the 5th most common waste washing up on beaches.

I use the Lena cup, but went though a couple of others before I found one to be the most comfortable for my body, and something I don’t feel when in use. There are now a ton of brands on the market, I found this quiz to hopefully help you find the right cup for you here. Just a disclaimer, I do not endorse this quiz, and I haven’t taken it personally, but it looks to be a great helpful option.

So ladies, it’s time to get thinking on what you are putting in and on the most tender parts of your bodies.

What are you using?

Are you contributing to sewer waste which ends up in our waterways?

Are you putting known carcinogens and reproductive disruptors in your body?