Moon Days?

Hi all. This post is mostly going to be geared towards my lady friends.

A couple of friends have asked me lately how I keep track of my moon cycle. For the day-to-day tracking, I write my days down in my trusty WeMoon calendar. A wonderful friend of mine has a moon calendar on her wall that shows the full year of the moon phases and she colors red in on the days on the calendar. It makes a really beautiful pattern on the wall!

The other day I had a pretty interesting experience that I felt I wanted to share. I was writing the day of my cycle in my WeMoon calendar in the morning and 100% assumed that it was also the day of the month. I was writing day 17 on the 13th of the month, fully knowing in my being that this day was the 17th. Only problem is, my friend's birthday is on the 15th of the month. I suddenly thought I had missed her birthday as it was already the 17th and I was super disappointed!

It was nearly an hour later when I realized I had mixed my moon days with the Western calendar. This brought up a really great realization for me. We, as women have kept track of time using our cycles for how long? I'm guessing probably as long as we've been living on this planet. We have always synced up with the moon in one phase or another. If we're feeling balanced, then we'd usually be bleeding on the same time of the moon during each lunar phase. The new moon to new moon phases is technically right around 29.5 days. A lot of women have cycles every starting every 28 days, some vary from 23-30+ days. Personally, I've had extremely short cycles during really extremely un-balanced times in my life (17-20 days apart). At this point in my life, they are almost always 28-29 days from start to finish.

Since Wilder was born, I went without a cycle for just over 6 months. I had my first moon cycle when he was almost 7 months. Depending on the person, on the amount of breastfeeding, on the amount of skin-to-skin contact - some moms can go 4 weeks to 2 years without a cycle after birthing a child.

When my moon time came back after he was born, it was on the new moon. I continued to start my cycle on the new moon to almost the exact day every "moonth" for almost a year. My body just recently switched to the full moon over the course of a couple of cycles. It's taking me a little bit get used to having the switch of timing, considering it has a major impact on how I keep track of the days of the month apparently!

For me, the new moon also represents a time of new beginnings. The full moon represents projects or experiences coming to fruition. I invite you to feel what the moon phases mean to you! I almost always feel in tune with where the Moon is in the zodiac, but not even so much the Sun. As a woman who stays in tune with the moon physically and emotionally, I am more in tune with the moon than I even know - I'm sure.

So to bring it back to my calendar story - who cares about the day of the month? I mean, we all have reasons to keep track of the Western calendar dates - appointments, trips, events, birthdays, and much more. But what if we as women - put more emphasis in our lives on knowing the days of our moon time? Knowing what days of our cycle are fertile days, knowing what days we might feel like a recluse, knowing what days we might need to get moon pads ready, knowing what days we can make love just to exchange the gift of love with our partner and not bring a new human into the world, knowing what days we feel our best and most inspired.

The Western calendar (aka Gregorian calendar) can just come second to our lunar-supported minds/hearts. We can use it to keep track of what's happening in work, life, etc. Use your moon calendar to keep track of you.

More to come soon ladies.... Have fun being you. Do yourself a favor and count the days in your cycle this time around if you aren't already....

The beautiful Inanna saying hi....