Natural Baby Items

In this video post, I'm sharing about some of my favorite natural baby items for baby and mama. 

These items include:

Yoga Ball (I love the 75cm size, it's big enough to be a chair replacement)

Ergo Baby Carrier (we still use ours with our 4.5 year old in the backpack style)

Warm and cozy booties for baby feet

Nipple Salve

Cloth Wipes (I use a solution of jojoba oil and lavender essential oil when preparing them)

Homemade baby bum salve or butter

Coconut Oil

Sheepskin for naps and tummy time

Plenty of baby blankets

Amber teething necklace (lots of great ones on Etsy)

Wool diaper covers

Now it's your turn. What are some of your favorite natural baby items? Please share in the comments below!