New Moon in Leo - The Rhythm Way

This is an excerpt from The Rhythm Way website, all about this New Moon in Leo. I read her readings every time for the New Moon and Full Moon.

"New Moon in Leo : July 23rd : 2:47am PST

This new moon is one firey, hot, and energetic love-kick in the pants to the Creatrix of you who desperately longs to step into the fray. 

Desire and dreaming both precede visible, manifest action, but hanging out in the intangible realms for too long generates a build-up of vitality that wants - no needs - to be released into the world. It is this moment of blessed unrest that fuels us in our wholeness to take initiative.

The moon represents the way we need to nurture and be nourished in order to thrive. It is also, by nature, reflective, subjective, and changeable. The sun represents our conscious desires and sense of ego-self. Both our wants and our needs are stirred up by the planet mars who is connected to personal willpower. In the sign of Leo these three major players light up our longings to participate in our lives as co-creative beings, to step forward, and to offer up our deepest gifts. 

This moon also offers us a potent moment to reflect and recognize the way we may be holding ourselves back through excessive self-flattery, or self-denial."

I LOVE the moon musings from The Rhythm Way, they are always SO on point for me. Read the full post here.