Pregnancy Journals: Nesting Part 1

I love love love the nesting feelings during pregnancy, and have been experiencing them throughout this whole time. Many women, it's something that kicks in at the end, and it varies for everyone.

I feel so grateful this time that we have a lot of what we need for baby bean, and so much of it is high quality and/or organic. And who doesn't love perusing and shopping for a little ones first items that they'll ever have? Especially with the abundance of beautiful products and gear that exist these days, even more so than when I was bringing my little guy into the world almost 5 years ago. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, dive deep into the rabbit hole of Instagram accounts and gorgeous baby things, and you'll see right away. I feel so much pride for being a natural mama in this day and age, and all of the other natural mama-preneurs out there that are rocking businesses along with it all. 

In our house, we have a few bedrooms in the upstairs of our house, and one of them is quite large. It's a huge room with plenty of space for playing, and loads of sunshine coming in at all times of the day. Previously, this room has been Wilder's, plus usually something else on the other side, like Frank's office. Wilder sleeps in our bedroom, so there's never a chance of keeping him up at night or anything by another light being on. 

Recently, we've moved Frank's office to another room, and this mega room is now officially all kid and baby. Though I remembered giving away a lot of things after Wilder was growing out of stuff, it wasn't as much as I thought. About a month ago, Wilder and I pulled out all of the baby boxes, gear, and furniture out of our attic, to start assessing what we had. Of course I had sentimental moments of reliving each item, seeing Wilder in it or on it, and telling him fun stories of when he was a baby. 

I had no idea how much fun this pregnancy and experience would be to share with my little one who is the only other being who also lived in my womb. I guessed he would be excited, but the amount of love pouring through him and really how excited he is to be a big brother and to snuggle a baby, is just overwhelming at times. I have been loving soaking up every moment with him, as the countdown to baby bean arriving is on (it's still less than 3 months, but it's a countdown in our house). 

I wanted to share some of the fun baby gear items I have come across lately, as I've been perusing ideas and getting excited for baby's arrival. Because I get asked a lot about what to have, how much of everything, who to buy from, all of that, I thought I would document it for anyone's needs whether it be for a gift or yourself. 

Gorgeous Moses Baskets by Plum & Sparrow

Nooks Design on Etsy (seriously some of the cutest booties and baby things ever to be seen)

Chickadee and Me on Etsy (adorable wool pants and diaper covers)

Ekuboo on Etsy (beautiful alpaca knit everything)

From Eden to Grace on Etsy (great cloth wipes selection, cute baby pants)

Sweet Luka Mo (totally hipster and adorable baby clothing, all natural materials)

There will be more to come in the parts of my nesting chronicles! Also, once it is a bit closer to completion, I'll share pictures of our baby zen zone, but there are still shelves to be built, and paint to be painted, etc. 

Please share some of your favorite baby resources and companies in the comments below!