St. John's Wort Delight

When your neighbor says, "come on over and pick as much St. John's wort as you want, I planted a ton!"  Even though I have been wild harvesting this plant here and there around our land, I had to jump on this opportunity. This plant has been coming in strong as a medicine for me this year, and I feel like I'm just touching the surface getting to know all that she has to offer (St. Joan anyone?)

I've heard people say spend a whole year with one plant and get to know that plant. Well so far I haven't had a chance to do this, being such an multitasking entrepreneurial mama, I'm always wanting to learn as much as I can.

This plant is showing up everywhere I look saying "Hey! Let's get to know each other, you could use more of me in your life." Sometimes I think their messages are just as if not more important than even consuming the plants themselves.


Are any plants calling to you more this year? What herbs are exciting you right now?