Ticks. Ugh.

Ticks. Nobody likes them. People ask us constantly what do we use for tick repellent. Honestly we haven't used anything. Our method is checking our bodies multiple times a day and being aware of tiny things crawling on our bodies. Frank and I have both experienced waking up from a deep sleep to a tick crawling across us and woke up in the middle of the night to see it. Once you decide you want to be in tune and aware in your body, these things happen.

I often feel like this culture as a whole is out of touch with their bodies. Pills that numb. Trauma that numbs. Food that makes us out of touch with ourselves. We clean and sanitize our bodies obsessively but don’t touch ourselves and look over our bodies to see what’s really going on.

Our method for preventing tick bites is checking each other and checking ourselves in a mirror. This sometimes means stripping down and looking over each other and the kiddos. I used to try different oils and different natural bug sprays to deter them but nothing ever remotely made a difference. Being in touch with my body, and being hyper aware of something possibly crawling across my skin, that is the method that works for me. 

If one of us gets a tick latched, which is usually maybe once per season, we have a spot on our shelf of tinctures that we immediately start taking to boost the immune system. As well as taking astragalus as a daily tonic, we have teasel and Japanese knotweed root on hand for immune defense if we so happen to get a tick bite.

I think what I want to say overall is try not to find reasons to be afraid of the outdoors. We are meant to exist out here.

- Camille