To share or not to share

I shared a post the other day about the benefits of sunshine on our bodies. I’m still reeling about some of the negative comments on there. I just assumed the sun benefits and how we really really need sun on our skin was old news. Maybe it’s the circles I run in. The other thing I’m reeling from is how straight up mean people can be in their comments. Like woah. The interesting part here is that I highly doubt any of these same people would ever say the same things to my face. Sure maybe we’d have a discussion on the topic but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be called dumb and told to go listen to a doctor to my face. 

The thing is, I have done my research. I have shelves upon shelves of books all around my house on health topics. I’ve dealt with my own messed up hormone production and challenged immune system from being on a soy based diet growing up that I’m still recovering from. What I do know is every single time I’m regularly in the sunshine I feel better and everything I deal with clears up. 100% of the time. There’s so many reasons we need it, I can’t even get to it all in one post. 

I highly recommend looking up my mentor Nadine Artemis Living Libations and what her books and many articles and interviews say on the subject. She’s done far more research and knows what she’s talking about. There’s also countless books out there on the necessary benefits (for life!) on sunshine, lots of them written by doctors. People were sending me video after video of doctors talking about how antioxidants in the diet, a clean diet, and having a slowly built up tan are what protects our skin. I’m not just making up my own opinions and putting them out there. 

Everything I share is from my own personal experience, my own takeaways from whatever research I’ve done, and it’s just me. You don’t have to agree with anyone’s posts about anything on the internet, like ever. But it’s also good to be a nice person too, even if you don’t agree. ✌🏼 Isn’t it just more fun to be nice?