What does Beauty mean to you? Part 2

Furthering my conversation from the other day of redefining what beauty means to all of us... this time focusing on our healing and individual journey.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me means learning how to feel better in our bodies. It means healing through conditions that once held us back or currently hold us back. It means embracing our aging areas and choosing to see how it only makes us more wise and beautiful.

Beauty means overcoming insecurities we carry around for years. It means triumphing over shaming our own bodies and loving us no matter what. It means defeating those voices in our head. It means celebrating our imperfections. It means feeling proud of our scars and the stories they gave us. It means seeing the conditions that arise to the surface on my skin and noticing my body’s impeccable ability to show me what’s happening internally.

Beauty to me means truly learning how to take care of myself. It means discovering and divinely knowing that it’s ok to stand out from the crowd. That even though it doesn’t always feel safe, it’s ok to be ourselves. It means knowing we have flaws and instead choosing to them as part of our unique journey and who we are. 

Beauty to me, means seeing the parts of my body that have changed every time I’ve brought a human into the world. It means always looking forward, not “trying to get my body back” as that would be moving backwards. It means loving my body for it’s ability to make babies and birth them into the world. It means seeing the skin the sags, the stretch marks that may never fade, the nipples that are now, well what they are, and how epic it is to grow a human inside my womb.

So tell me, what does beauty mean to you?