What's In Your First Aid Kit

Well it happened again yesterday evening. We have a few wasp nests that have decided to make their home on the side of our house. There are a few nests up in the roof and we think there's one inside our deck as well. As of yesterday, we've decided it's time for them to vacate the premises and find a new home. We thought we could co-exist here, but not when they decide to attack my little guy multiple times. About 10 days ago, Wilder cruised out onto the deck and was just sitting there when 2 wasps decided to sting him 4 times at once. He whined a little and was definitely hurting, but seemed fine. We stayed inside for the rest of the night. It seems to be something to do with a thunderstorm passing through, as it's been around that time every time he's been stung.

A couple of nights later, our pup Jaz got a hold of a plastic container that previously had meat for the cats in it. She bit into it and split the plastic so it had sharp edges. This whole time I thought she was chewing on a bone as per her usual nightly activity. Wilder found her and got a hold of the plastic container but somehow grabbed it in a way that would cut his finger. Suddenly he's screaming and there's blood pouring out of his finger. Franky comes running down the stairs to help and we are doing everything we can do calm him and take care of his finger. He ended up losing his fingernail :-(

I felt a bit helpless during these two situations. Even though he comes to me for comfort and eventually calms down when he's freaked out, I still felt like I didn't have the right tools. One of the reasons was that my first aid kit was long outdated and didn't have child sized anything in it. Another lame-mom feeling strikes in.

Well the next day I went out to the local Coop and invested in a few things that were missing from our first aid kit. Homeopathics like apis (for stings and bites), arnica oil, child sized bandages, stronger arnica homeopathic, rescue remedy for kids, and a few other things. I also scored the house and a few still unpacked boxes for tinctures and salves that I knew we had to have somewhere.

I am now feeling much more confident about our first aid kit and like I can handle some situations now! Good thing I feel better about it because I was tested again yesterday...

Wilder cruised out on the deck again. I feel I should clarify, the deck is childproofed and he can open the door on his own to get out there. Jaz has also conveniently chewed a gaping hole through the screen so she and Wilder can wiggle out through there as well. I was sitting close by watching him as it had just rained and I knew the deck might be a tad slippery. All of a sudden he's screaming and I see at least 2 wasps circling. It has got to be one of the worst feelings when a mom is standing by watching her child get hurt and can't do much. The few times I've already experienced this, I feel the intense momma-bear take over where I must do everything possible to protect my cub.

I scooped him inside as fast as I could move, but he had already gotten stung 5 times. :-( Hence the decision it's time for the wasps to go. However. This time I felt much more prepared to take care of my boy and despite the 5 stings, he was calm much sooner than any other time he had been injured. I called to Franky to bring the goods. First I put a yummy propolis salve directly on every sting that I could find. This salve is from Honey Gardens in Vermont is one of my all time favorites.

Then I gave him several pellets of the Apis homeopathic. The Boiron brand is the one I have of this. I think it totaled around 12 pellets that I gave him over a few minutes of time. Then I gave him 2 squirts of the Rescue Remedy for Kids and put 1 squirt in his water bottle and gave that to him. Instinctually, he refused the boob and chugged almost his entire bottle of water right in the moment. That felt surprising but also felt right in the moment. He nurses quite a lot for a 15 month old, hence the surprise. But he knew he needed the spring water with Rescue Remedy at that time and went for it.

Once he chugged the bottle of water, he was completely calm and quiet. Almost instantly wanted to start walking around and playing again. The whole experience lasted maybe 4 minutes. Intense 4 minutes but short!

Anywho, this brings my to my real subject today. I've been inspired to build up our home (and traveling) first aid kit, as well as creating our own tinctures, salves, etc.

Here's a list of what's currently in our kit and will probably continue expanding:

- Homeopathics: