Why are we shaming the mother body

Why is there so much shame around the mother’s body? Or any body for that matter? Why is there an entire industry around “getting your back body before baby?”


I’m guilty of this just as much as the next person. More than once, people have said nearby me after I’ve just birthed babies in days past or weeks past, “I wonder when the body goes back to normal” like I’m not right there and can hear exactly what’s being said.

Unfortunately I held on to those comments for far too long. Sharing my own challenges with the postpartum body the other day, it seems like more and more people need to hear these messages.

I’m having epiphanies left and right these days about all of the body shaming that goes on in this world and I’ve had enough. Anyone else with me on this?

WTF is going on?

People are literally surgically molding their bodies to fit in to some ideal look. I’ve been shamed more times that I can count on 300 hands (at least) for being thin most of my life and I’m f**king over it.


I lose weight fast and easy, too fast sometimes, and it’s hard for me to put weight on unless I’m carrying babies in my womb. I shouldn’t have to deal with women telling me “how much they hate me” because of it. It hurts just as much to be shamed for this as it does the next person. I’m not impervious to words because of my size. I’m not a hard core bitch, I’m a highly sensitive person with feelings too.


I love what Janne Robinson is teaching about this lately, more people need to see these messages everywhere. Let us all take a deep breath and start appreciating the bodies you see around you, including your own.

Photos by Wylde Photography