get off grid & learn to make your own home apothecary

august 9th - 11th, 2019

explore what the land has to offer & learn to identify medicinal herbs

sleep under the stars and enjoy a weekend off the grid

harvest from the local environment to create a home apothecary

learn how to make self care products

Herbal Sovereignty

Get educated and empowered and understand how to incorporate herbs into your daily lifestyle and culinary creations! Does this sound appealing to you?

This retreat experience is about empowering people of all walks to take their health into their own hands and learn to make traditional and new innovative recipes to utilize herbs.


Not only that, but we will gather the herbs together from the land to process for the techniques you’ll learn.

use herbs in medicine & self care

Wouldn't you like to have everything you need, at the ready anytime, that can help us get through any injuries or ailments that come through our own bodies or within our families?

Learn about herbs for first aid, herbs for aiding in hormone balance, herbs helpful for the immune system, herbs that can strengthen our bones & joints, and then some.

Experience the magic of the solar powered herb farm

every meal infused with herbs & features locally sourced Maine ingredients

Throughout the weekend we’ll enjoy many herbal infused desserts and delicious sun teas, flower libations, and plenty of pure organic raw chocolate.

Starting with Thursday dinner, you’ll be fed refreshing satiating meals 3 times a day, ending with Sunday brunch. You can expect to be delighted with all organic locally based cuisine with extra medicinal components.

What’s included in this epic retreat weekend experience?

herb walks around the land with Camille

many workshops on creating your own medicine

evening group discussion around the fire to connect

medicine ceremony on Saturday night

take home everything you make! bring home your own apothecary

recipe packet for the entire weekend

all organic meals with local sourced ingredients

a delightful camping spot to sleep off grid & under the stars

movement & dance to begin our days

so much more!

sample day:

rise & enjoy morning tea & coffee

move our bodies with simple yoga & ecstatic dance

walk on the land to learn about herbs for hormone balance

bring our harvest into the apothecary kitchen and make tinctures

enjoy a delicious all organic lunch

free time to dip in the spring fed pond, sunbathe, chat with like minded friends

group discussion on health of our families & how herbal sovereignty can play a role

plant & learn about herbs that are beneficial to our skin

learn how to make luscious herbal body butter

harvest herbs & berries for dessert!

all organic dinner fueled with locally sourced ingredients and featuring Maine’s wild seafood

sustainability & earth connection discussion around the fire

imbibe dessert & herbal mocktails together

rejuvenate, refresh, get inspired!

Cost: $333


Details of location emailed after registration.


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Questions about the retreat?

Read the logistics & policies page here.