After many years of constantly searching for information I couldn’t find, and a fervent desire for the people who fascinated me to be interviewed, I decided to take it to the airwaves to break new ground with my new podcast, The Radical Radiance Show.

You won’t find a casual conversation about celery juice here, so if that’s what you’re looking for, move right along.

We are talking about REAL raw radical lifestyle changes and experiences.

Do you want to feel more connected to this ever-changing planet? Do you want to feel more alive in your body?

Do you want to feel more turned on to life? Do you want to live with a purpose and from the heart?

Do you want to live with an open heart and with boundaries at the same time?

Do you want to feel strong AF in your body?

Do you have a passion for social justice and want to see radical change happen in the world? Do you want to help more people with your message or your cause?

Do you want to be raise your children to be free-thinkers and independent respectful people?

This is just a little about why the show started. I have been asking myself these questions for well over a decade, wondering when I was going to find the answers.

Then I finally realized, if I didn’t have the answer within me, I was going to have to go out and find the answer myself.

Why Radical Radiance? What does it even mean?

I want to share how my show title was born… It started with the word “radical”. I heard someone call someone out as a radical about a year and a half ago, which they meant as an insult. However the person they were speaking about was someone who wasn’t accepting the old way of life anymore. She wanted more and she wanted to stand up to the system and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. I took this intended insult and actually realized I am a radical. And that right now, with everything happening ALL around the world, NOW is the time for radical action and radical change. It’s 2019 and it’s going to be 2020 in a few months.

The definition of radical - advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social change. To say I am an advocate of all of these types of change is a huge understatement. It’s time and it’s happening now.

And Radiance. Ahhhhh radiance, and to radiate, it means so many things! The sunshine radiates on us and all life on this planet which we need to sustain life. When we radiate joy, it is infectious and spreads to others. When we radiate love, it is infectious and spreads to others. When we radiate a negative emotion or negative messaging, that also spreads to others. I love talking about and understanding about the trickle effect. Whenever we have a conversation with ANYONE on the planet, it’s an opportunity. I believe it’s an opportunity because every single thing that we talk about with someone, might end up in their next conversation with someone else. And then on to the next person. And the trickle effect goes on. Kind of like the game of telephone right? So what we talk about when sitting around the living room with friends MATTERS. When we’re walking out of yoga with a friend and have a quick chat. How we treat someone when we’re out in public. The conversations we have with someone at a bar or restaurant. In the grocery store. At the auto mechanic. At the doctors. At school. EVERYWHERE matters. 

Every time we connect with someone, we have an opportunity to radiate messages that matter. Heavy topics or the light fluffy ones. Every time we spend a dollar, we are casting our vote for what we want more of in our life and what we want more of in our community or in our world. The energy behind it radiates out into the world and becomes something.

No matter what we do, we are radiating our energy to the people around us, at all times. Sure it’s their choice what energy they want to receive or what they want to block.

Every time we go anywhere in the world or talk to anyone, we have a choice on HOW we radiate to them and to the world.

It’s my mission on this planet to talk about the things that matter. The heavy stuff and the joyful stuff. How do we get unstuck and out of the mundane way of being or getting out of being trapped by the system. We talk about it and we create change.

On this show, The Radical Radiance show - you can expect a huge variety of topics. We are going to hit it all. If there’s someone you really want to see interviewed, send me a message. If there’s a topic near to your heart or you are just curious about, send me a message and I’ll find the right fit of someone to interview. Not everyone is going to resonate with every episode or every single interviewee and that’s ok. Take everything you hear here and ALL over the internet with a grain of salt and use your own filter. Tap into that personal guidance system and tap into your intuition. There is not one exact perfect diet for everyone or type of exercise or way of living, and there is not one exact path for everyone. 

I am here to share matters that mean a lot to me and that mean a lot to you. I am here to hopefully connect and help find some solutions and radiate change all over the world. I am here to provide a source of trustworthy information that you feel inspired to share with others. I am here to grow with you and hopefully we can all grow together.

So come. I am inviting you to be a radical with me. Let’s radiate and feel better, talk about things that matter, and be a part of the revolutionary change taking place on the planet right now. 

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